Spring/Summer 2024

NOW Available on Etsy: Spring/Sumer 2024

Winter 2023/24 has been brutal for us Southern Californians. It's rained a ton. The skies have sometimes been grey for days in a row. This is highly unusual for San Diego, so to break out of the funk, I've decided to add a little color to my usually tame, neutral palette. Starting with a soft Flamingo pink called Angel, to a rich green that I call Poison Ivy.  Their bands are strips of vintage kilim weaves, cut from pillow covers from Turkey and collected over the years. The body of the hats are rich in color, but be assured that there will still be plenty of neutrals added to each hat so that you're not limited in the scope of outfits you can wear. I design for those of you who can only buy ONE really good hat. No everyone, including me, have the budget to afford numerous hats. If you do, that's great too! But expect some tans, browns, blacks and cream additions on most every hat...even the colorful ones.