Paint Everything 

I have a bit of a Twiggy thing. She appears on my clothing, bags, and sometimes in my paintings. I grew up with her gracing the pages of Vogue and it apparently made a mark on my budding fashionista future!

I've done hundreds of paintings over the years, and my home is filled with them. Suffice it to say that we rarely buy art these days!

Paint on Denim

Before and during the pandemic, I began painting on clothing, denim jackets in particular. It takes a long time, each jacket taking up to a month to complete. When I started upcycling hats, I put painting aside. I am now resuming painting jackets...but just a few to retain my skills. 

Paint on Furniture

Intermittently I paint on furniture. This chair, featuring Sid Vicious was stolen from my front porch by some vacation renters...but I take that as a compliment! The Jimi chair has since found it's home in my dining room...reserved for dinner guests!

My home is filled with paintings that are on canvas, wood and paper. I will not hesitate to paint on anything, including the furniture.

Mad Hatter is a mix of oils, spray paint, acrylics and collage. His head and Alice are on canvas that has been applied to the large background painted on wood.

These are paintings from my ROYALS series from 2017 and Amy was from the same year.

In 2015 we moved from suburbia to an urban part of San Diego. I found vast opportunities to make our neighborhood more colorful. This is a commission I did in 2020 at Park Blvd. and Maket Street.