827 Clothing & Accessories

Hand Painted Jackets

I used to paint on everything...but now I've really gotten so caught up in the thrill of making hats, I've not had time to indulge in painting jackets, which takes days to finish, for little $$$ reward.

Applique'd & Spray Painted Clothing

I love to paint, especially with spray paint. I recently cut up my old linen duvet cover and spray painted a few stencils. I attached these to some faded, bleached flannel shirts. I also spray paint on other found garments and fabric.

Applique'd & Painted Accessories

I am compulsive, to say the least. I also get bored easily, so I have to diversify my creative outlets on occasion. These are some of my diversions.

The paint is sprayed onto plain, crossbody bags or onto appliques, which are sewn on.