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One Hat at a Time

I am not a "hatter" per se. I don't make hats.... I make hats better. I buy hats that people no longer want, scouring the resale sites in search of wool and vintage fur blend treasures. When I get my hands on them, I assess the shape and color. If pale enough, and boring, I dye it or paint it using distressing effects I utilized during my career as a scenic artist. If the color is good but the shape is bad, I reshape it. I always create custom bands for my hats using exotic skins, vintage kilim and painted canvas. I add leather laces, twine, and finish them all off with feathers. Some have burned designs on the brim...all get distressed using fire.

My aestetic is is mostly "well loved vintage" so if that's not your thing, you're probably not in the right place, but feel free to look!!